Ouija board is a classic tool for spiritualis sessions. It is a flat surface that has letters, numbers and sometimes some words on it. To operate it participants put their fingers on a pointer, make questions and wait for the spirits to spell answers by moving the pointer on top of the letters in the right order.

On our collection we have a variation of the theme titled Yhteyslauta, “contact board”. It is a print published by finnish entrepreneur, occultist and a well known national socialist Pekka Siitoin. There is no date on the board, but the books that are advertised in the user instructions are published in 1973 and 1974.

Pekka Siitoin (1944-2003) was taught clairvoyance by Alma Kassinen. He wrote several books about black magic, ufos, dreams and political issues under several pseudonyms.

Connection board differs from most classical ouija boards in two ways. First of all, it has bit more text and symbols, and usage instructions are written in a game form.

Here is a free transformation of the instructions:

Usage instructions of the connection board

You have now at hand so called CONTACT BOARD, which enables you to receive messages from the spirit world. This game follows roughly the same principles as spiritism game, but is not entirely similar. In this new game there is an effort made to manifest the respect for God, so that there are texts and symbols in the board that can be connected in a way that makes it easier for spiritual beings to manifest themselves though the secret divine power hidden in the symbols.

Definition of the signs:

In all corners of the board there is symbol, that has a word written in latin. These words are the names of the four natural elements which God uses to fulfill one’s purposes. IGNIS = Heat element, warmth, AQUA=water element, AER=air element and TERRA=Earth element. These four contain different spiritual beings.

Name TETRAGRANMATON with its numbers is Gogs secret name in Latin, and the half circle in between the name with eyes and stars describes Gods greatness in the whole universe and the fact that God is all knowing. Swords describe Gods strength.

On the left there is so called mysterious sword, whitch helps to get to the secret knowledge through its mystery. Egg and the snake on the left side illustrate the eternal wisdom and eternal life.

Cross in the middle means the different directions of the spiritual and physical life, but also curtain necessicity to for suffering if progres is desired.

Over and under the cross there are two Godly wisdoms, that mean: Crist is the real Lucifer and God is Satan backwards.

There are mainly two two ways to make the contact: # Contact through Gods spirit-world help. Game is put on the table. Same table should have chrystal bowl with aproximately 1 litre of water. Candle is also put on the table and lit. In the middle of the game, a glass is put upside down. After this all participants: at least two, preferably 3-5, read aloud Lord’s prayer, and everybody says Dear God Tetragrammaton, please send us, through some of your subordinates, messages from the thereafter, but let it be your will, not ours. Amen. After that all participants put their fingers lightly on the glass, in a way that their elbows do not touch the table, so that the hands can follow the glass when it moves by itself from one letter to another. One of the players must keep record with other hand about the letters and numbers glass moves on. From these there will be words sentences formed, whitch the spirits are telling. Spirits can be also asked limited amount of questions, for this purpose there are words Yes and No on the board. Room must be silent and dark except for the candlelight. # Contact through Satans spirit-world. Otherwise the procedure is same, but instead of the preyer, this request is read: Big and might1y prince of the darkness Satan-Moloch, send Thebot, Wethor, Quorthonn, Xvote, Yrzon, Xusorym, Zyvoy, Puohon, Tukes, Legich, Xeror, Woryon or some other subordinates to tell us things. Amen.

Spirits will not come if somebody is fooling around or doubting these things.