Konstantin Raudive was a Latvian writer and an academic. He was a student of both C.G. Jung and Ortega Y. Gasset. He is best known for his work with electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

He wrote several books about the subject, best known is Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead published 1971. In his book he presents different ways to communicate with the dead through a tape recorder.

He had done extensive recordings with microphones and radio waves. After a discussion with physics professor Alex Schneider back in 1968 he continued his experiments with diodes.

Raudive diode is a recording device, that you can use instead of the microphone to record things. Construction is based on the old schematics of a crystal radio, even though antenna is shorter. Signals picked up with this method are very faint, and need a lot of amplification.

Raudive’s method was to record a lot, and spend a lot of time listening to his tapes. His idea was that with a lot of practice you learn to recognize faint messages that would otherwise be left unnoticed.

Some of his recordings can still be found from the internet. In his recordings a variety of spirits, varying from celebrities like Vladimir Majakovski and Ortega Y. Gasset to dead relatives, have discussions with Raudives tape recorder.

One of his recordings was sampled by The Smiths for the song Rubber ring.

Our setup consists of two different Raudive diodes that are connected to a tapehead input of a tape recorder. Volume can be adjusted, and sounds can be recorded with an external recorder. Contacting with the spirits this way requires a lot of patience, you just need to sit, wait and listen when the spirits will have a message just for you.