The Solfeggio tones originate from Leonard G. Horowitz’ book Healing codes for the biological apocalypse. In the book, Horowitz relates the story of Joseph S. Puleo. Puleo, Horowitz claims, was chosed by God as a vessel of his work. Consequently, Puleo was in direct communication with Jesus and received numerological instruction. The knowledge allowed him tointerpret hidden messages hidden in the Bible, allegedly left there by a sprawling conspiracy dominating the world.

One of Horowitz’ claims is the existence and significance of the so called Solfeggio scale. According to Horowitz, the Solfeggio scale is a sequence of sacred frequencies, each having a specific beneficial effect on the human being. He claims that this scale was originally known to Christian monks who were applying it in their chants, but the knowledge was extinguished by the conspicary. According to Horowitz’ book, Puleo learned to retrieve the secret by applying numerological principles to the Bible.

The Solfeggio theory has gained substantial traction and is applied by various people. As each of the frequencies is a simple audio frequency with specified frequency, applying the Solfeggio scale is very easy. A typical way is to tune a musical instrument in any conventional musical scale, but setting the base frequency so that one or more of the Solfeggio frequencies coincide with the tuning. In this way, music in any conventional scale can be played. This method is applied regularly in the genre of inspirational music.

The Solfeggio tone generator built for the Museum of paranormal technology is based on puristic stance than what inspirational musicians use. The generator only produces tones from the Solfeggio scale. Each frequency can be turned on or off individually, allowing production of any combination of healing effects.

The original Solfeggio frequencies and their effects:

  • Ut - 396 Hz - turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear
  • Re - 417 Hz - undoing situations and facilitating change
  • Mi - 528 Hz - transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
  • Fa - 639 Hz - re-connecting and balancing, relationships
  • Sol - 741 Hz - solving problems, expressions/solutions
  • La - 852 Hz - awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order