Teleflasher is a telepathy training device. Idea is to have a set of simple symbols, numbers and letters on cards. Cards are inserted one at the time into the teleflasher, that back-illuminates symbols with a blinking light.

Person attempting to send telepathic signal puts a random symbol in the teleflasher, and concentrates on sending it. Person attempting to receive it closes one’s eyes and concentrates to receive the signal.

Plans for the teleflasher were published in Sheila Ostander’s and Lyn Schroeder’s book Handbook of Psychic Discoveries 1980. It is based on Sviet engineer and PSI investigator Vladimir Fidelmans innovation that pulsing light can help sending telepathic messages.

Teleflasher we have build is reasonably orthodox construction, except for the fact that flashing rate can be adjusted.

We use 4 different sets of cards: Numbers, letters, symbols and colors.

To use the teleflasher 2 people are needed. Sender sits in front of the teleflasher, receiver sits on the other chair.

Sender chooses the rate of the flasher by tapping the button on the right side of the machine. Good rate would be something close to your own heartbeat.

Sender pics up one set of cards, shuffles then and inserts first one into the teleflasher. It is good to relax, both mentally and physically. Sender must concentrate on the flashing image, and try to send it to this particular destination. It helps to stay very confident of your succsess.

Continue until sender gets the message, or maximum 2 minutes, and then change the card.

Receiver closes his/her/others eyes and concentrates to receive messages. It is important to relax, and not try too hard.

It might help, to visualize a blank screen in front of you, or water or a long corridor.