On the 8th - 10th of August an (a)symposium on (various) matters, the goal of which was to discuss matters related to decay, monsters, took place in Gallery 101, various public places, Emma social center and Kaunas artist house.

The participants of the event responded to a call to mount a temporary platform of encounters between those thinking what it means to be human in the epoch of late capitalism and those that make sound inspired by the principle of ‘order to noise’; those constructing noise generators and those that are cyborgs or (dream to) have bodies that enhance or transcend the current human; between ghosts of the old industries and monsters. The included acousmatic lectures, listening sessions, algorithmic readings, house parties, discussions on cyberwar, critiques of dystopia, installations, a walk-and-talk about monsters, noise, man-machine performance and other things.

The Museum of Paranormal Technology was also present, this time taking the form of two hour lecture and demonstration of various exhibits.