A picture of me

My interests cover natural philosophy and its technological applications as well as the occult and its magical applications. I greatly enjoy building various things, and playing with forces I do not really understand. I sincerely wish to transmit the wonderment and awe I experience during his research and work to other people through enjoyable presentation of my results.

While much of my work should obviously be categorized as art, I am not a professional artist and do not possess a wish to establish myself as such. Until I publish an essay on these topics himself, you can refer to books The art instinct by Dennis Dutton and What is art? by Leo Tolstoy. Dr. largely agrees with the views presented.

I also greatly enjoy expanding my knowledge and understanding through working together with like-minded (and even unlike-minded) individuals. In case you have a interesting project on your mind, please do not hesitate to contact me via email regarding possible collaboration.

I currently live in Helsinki, the great capital city of Finland.

I work as a software engineer in Novatron Oy, where I am digitalizing and robotizing infrastructure construction.