Originally the Solfeggio frequencies were derived numerologically as integers and interpreted as sound frequencies given in Hertz. Richard Dobson, in his article The Solfeggio Frequencies - The (dis)harmony of the Spheres? that the numbers could as well be interpreted as the wavelength of electromagnetic vibration using the unit of nanometer. The result is “the Solfeggio of Light”, a sequence of colors that spans the whole visible spectrum.

Solfeggio light therapy lamp is an original design that combines the Solfeggio of Light with the form of a bright light therapy lamp. The original, white lamps of a therapy light were removed and replaced with a set of leds with wavelengths closely matching the Solfeggio wavelengths. Each color is independently switchable, allowing any combination of wavelengths.

Whereas a normal bright light therapy lamp’s benefits come from exposing the user to sunlight-like light, Solfeggio light therapy lamp is based on the healing power of Solfeggio frequencies.

Usage is very similar to a normal bright light therapy lamp: Select a combination of wavelengths depending on the desired effect, then keep the light source in your view for period of 20 — 30 minutes. Optimal viewing distance is 40 cm.