• Five proofs of afterlife

    Category: Expositions
    Collaborators: Damian Vega Velasco

    Undeniable, Awe-inspiring, Entertaining
    From Señor V.G.A. and Doctor af Urpelainen
    The parapsychologists

    Address to the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, the guests of said great nation, and the general public.

    Señor V.G.A. and Dr. af Urpelainen will present their recent findings in the field of parapsychology, consisting of no less than first ever proof of existence of life after death. Having discovered the Key of Afterlife and the Secret of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Dimension, the aforementioned Philosophers have gained complete mastery of these Worlds and their inhabitants. In interest of advance of Science and Happiness, owing eternal Gratitude to generous support from Svetlobna Gverila festival, the Philosophers will reveal the Secrets, simultaneously undeniably proving the existence of Afterlife on 6th of June in the Year of Lord 2016 at half past nine in the most respected and highly regarded Gallery of Arts Nočna izložba Pešak, Metelkova, the exhibits being viewable every night thereafter after sunset.

    Free entry for every Lady and well behaving Gentleman.